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Hi! I need to buy a pair of over-the-ear bluetooth headphones but I am super confused. I used to have a pair of wired Sennheisers and I actually loved the audio quality but that was a long time ago. Reading reviews is just making me even more confused. 

What I need:

- decent battery, 10+ hours

- great audio quality (I listen to a lot of metal, rock, classical, opera)

- will not cause a headache/aren't too tight (Boat etc are super tight for me, I immediately get a headache - I am very sensitive)

- price under 8k (I can wait until BBD/Diwali sales)

- can also be connected via a 3.5mm cable 

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I had bought these headphones long time back (Dec,2020) and absolutely love them. Still using them. Lightweight, good audio quality, easy to pair, volume controls on the headset.

Unfortunately they are discontinued now. I guess you can try the newer variants from JBL. If you live in a city where JBL store is present, then better to go and try out the headphones before you make a purchase online.

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Same question.

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