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Recently Excitel came into my area. So can you please share your experience regarding, speed, downtime, customer support, etc.

I had been using Airtel fiber with a 300 mbps plan and when I checked the speed on speedtest it showed speed between 550-600 mbps but this is not the case with the jio fiber, it shows 300 Mbps or below with the same plan.

So please share the speed experience too while checking on speedtest against the plan you have.
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used excitel for ~2yrs. dont care what their speed is OR how their customer service is. One day out of blue they just winded their operations in my area unannounced & they wouldn't even confirm it on call after 4-5 days.

its another headache to get refund for the days they wont provide service within the current plan period.

switched to airtel - case closed.

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Service vary locality to locality.

Just ask for neighbours feedback before installation. You will get to know correct picture.

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In my locality the service was extremely bad.

I would recommend to avoid them.

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Never go with them.

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Excitel is just a name, the real internet providers are local guys who take franchise of Excitel. If these local guys are good, you won't face any issues, if they are bad it'll be your worst experience.

I'm using Excitel from last 3-4 years, whenever I had downtime, they compensated with double validity. Whenever there's local network issue, the local isp guys are available within an hour to resolve. So far, the last time my internet went down was in 2021, nothing after that. So yeah, don't just rush towards Excitel, let other neighbors use it, provide feedback and than opt for it.

Also, I have no idea how you are getting 550-600mbps on a 300mpbs plan. I've 400mbps Excitel plan and get almost same speed.


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