POSTPE is coming to give new card experience and features

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premothvk Postpe is coming again with new card experience and features . Even now we can use our credit to pay credit card bills,scan and pay and can send credit to bank.New features are expecting is we can pay all biScreenshot2022-12-13-22-40-06-9625e8b8c980e00e5399cdfb0a4e559e86Screenshot2022-12-13-22-40-18-8925e8b8c980e00e5399cdfb0a4e559e86lls.

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Hey user,

We've discontinued the postpe SBM card in compliance with RBI guidelines. We'll bring you a brand-new card experience soon.

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Any idea how to use cashback received by paying CC Bills?

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Use scan qr option to pay to a bhartpe qr code.
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