Privacy a luxury

Deal Subedar

Believe it or not! Privacy is indeed a luxury.

In this technologically growing world, we are surrounded by vast amounts of surveillance which invade our privacy.

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Sabke sab extra-civilized homo sapiens ek doosre ke aankhon mein naange hai aajkal, yehi bolna chahte ho na?

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on the other hand, it's we ourselves are giving the access to tech companies to invade our privacy - instead of facebook/insta why not to meet friends outside in reality and not virtually, why to do online shopping instead of viewing the products in person (offline) or just do your office work/business and get the cb/rp that come with the card as paying bills with 35-50days credit itself is a big cb/rp but why to use apps like mobikwik/tide/snappay etc or atleast use the services given by the respective banks for payment of bills 😃 so the more we are using these apps the more our privacy is getting reduced.. luckily we are not in country like China/US/North Korea where they physically monitor your everyday activities (cctvs around the city)

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Tried many times by removing Google Apps from daily use but couldn't

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