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I've IDFC First Bank Wealth CC (Visa Infinite) and I'm trying to book 2 tickets for an event (non-movie).

According to Visa Infinite card offer, I can avail 50% off upto Rs. 500 but every time I try, it's saying "The offer limit is over. Please check T&Cs or contact support". I even contacted BMS support and they said that quota resets at 12 midnight and that I should try post 12 AM which I did and got the same error message.

According to T&Cs, one can book one movie and one non-movie ticket every month and I haven't booked any this month or even in the last month.

I tried a dummy booking for movie under the same offer and the offer was getting applied.

I just don't understand what's wrong here. I believe people can help me out here as this seems like a commonly used offer. Please let me know at the earliest what to do and what's the cause here.

On a side note, it's tickets for stand-up comedy show and the total cost turns out to be approx. Rs. 1,080 for 2 tickets. Just in case if I'm unable to avail this offer, what's the best that can be done?

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Wingman Wingman
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Quota means they allocate offers to limited numbers only.. let's say if it's 50 which means 50 people already availed the offer in your case.

It refreshes at 12AM
So, You can book at 12AM

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I'll give another try at 12 AM again tomorrow
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You have to be really fast at precisely 12AM. I am sure the quota is very less. Reminds me of Redmi flash sales.

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The PostMighty The PostMighty
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In my experience of using the VISA Infinite offer, it works only once out of dozen times I try to apply it on BMS. The quotas are quite limited just like the Visa Blockbuster Weekends offer for VISA Signature cards.
The fact that the offer is getting applied for movies but not for the show suggests that others may have already used up that offer for that show. It has nothing to do with whether you have used that offer this month or last month.
If the show isn't there on PayTM (where your IDFC First Wealth may give you up to Rs 500 off on the second ticket), buy Rs 500 vouchers from Tradings & Classifieds at Rs 400 or lesser. Many DCB users get it as a monthly milestone and trade it.

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Upfront T&Cs says one can book one movie and one non-movie ticket per month but hidden T&Cs are unknown and mysterious.

Highly ridiculous though. We can only speculate what's exactly the criteria in the back, whether it's daily quota or monthly quota or something else. All one can do is assume but Visa should've clarified this in a better manner.

It's misleading that despite not booking any non-movie ticket this month, I'm unable to book so and there's no mention of quota/limit exhaustion at all in the detailed T&Cs.
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I'm now sure it works on a monthly quota basis rather than daily quota as I tried a dummy booking on 1st/2nd January and was getting the offer applied whereas I tried a few days later, probably on 7th/8th January and got the exact same error message.

So, it's clear that quota for non-movie ticket is very limited and one should avail this in advance promptly at the start of new month.

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The PostMighty The PostMighty
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I just booked a couple of movie tickets in Mumbai on Saturday (7th Jan) using the VISA Infinite offer. It went through alright.
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