Query: Buying Mutual Fund using Rupay Card via BHIM UPI

Deal Subedar

Hi Everyone,
Ability to use credit card for upi transaction is pretty cool, I was buying mutual funds from fundhouse, & they do ask for bank account details, though while paying through bhim upi, I was able to see the option to pay via rupay credit card.

Also, they clearly mentioned that, we should pay via the same account which we are mentioning in details ( while creating folio ).

Need to understand, what exactly gonna be the situation if we pay via rupay card instead?
Has anyone tried it already?
Any suggestions/discussions are most welcome smile

Also, I believe we do have an IFSC code for rupay credit card, I believe card number is account number, what will be the case if we give the same details in bank details?

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- aren’t MF houses gonna transfer money back in same account when you redeem? - Accounts are verified if you plan to add them in your demat or put a mandate for SIP. System I think should be smart enough to pick this then..
The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Try to load using that linked credit card and you will know it.
As far as i know it will be failed
Verified bank account & the account from which you are loading fund should be same

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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That make sense, but giving credit card account number & IFSC is another option, which seems sensible here.

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It will failed and refunded back to source.

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Need to understand, what exactly gonna be the situation if we pay via rupay card instead? --------------------- u cant pay via cc. only options are upi , dc , netbanking

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Paying using Rupay credit card via Bhim UPI.

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