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Hi everyone, so I have been loading Ola wallet with this CC for 500rs cashback but not finding enough merchants to use this. My monthly spend on ola is around 3K. In magicpin there is no option to purchase amazon, flipkart , uber GV with Ola Money same is the case with zingoy. Ola money website says you can use it to pay electricity bill but haven’t able to find that option only option I can find is to recharge mobile phone but that is of not much use for me. So the only option left is to transfer it back to account with 4% charge
Just wanted to check how you guys are utilizing it fully?
I don’t have that ola money card and there is no option to apply for the same too.

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It’s limited since ola money revamped.itself.. you will not be able to pay electricity bills but there are a few other merchants which have ola money as payment option.. my advice, any purchase you are gonna make have a look if it has ola money as a payment option.. I used to do that earlier but now that I have ola postpaid card I don’t do it

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If you have ola money prepaid card, use that on Dhani to load money

That card also works on magicpin web for Flipkart gvs

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Buy zingoy voucher on zingoy using ola and then buy az/fk using zingoy voucher

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u can easily sell to anyone like me in trading section smile