Query - Jana Small Finance Bank Review & Account Closure Charges


I'm thinking of opening Premium Savings Account (Rs. 1L MAB) in Jana Small Finance Bank.

Any user review/experience of banking with them?

Also, are there any account closure charges involved as I can see Rs. 500 being levied for closing account post 14 days 


Source: https://www.janabank.com/images/PDF/Schedule-of...

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Yes I closed account last month and 590 rupees was charged. I think they don't have it like other banks where before 14 days and after 1 year to 18 months it is free. Once it is 14 days past, you will be charged closing fees. 

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Oh! Then whatever benefits I would be able to mint from them, I need to take into account that Rs. 500 + 18% GST has to be paid. Also, this amount may even change because in all the T&Cs, it's always the banks having rights to modify anything, anytime and anywhere. If you sign, you abide by anything they want to do 😥

Thanks for clarifying this though, much appreciated.

Apart from this, anything you would like to tell, experience with them, whether or not to go ahead with opening a savings account?

I'm looking to park emergency fund upto Rs. 5L max. and benefit from FREE RuPay Select DC.
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Good interest rates but bad service

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Anything specific about bad service experienced?
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Be careful. If any fraud happens, I don't see them as being as helpful as some other banks like idfc or even hdfc. Saying this only based on perception based on twitter, no personal experience. 

If there is a branch nearby you can visit regularly, maintain some relations with staff and manager, have multiple accounts, that will help keeping you safe in case of fraud. 

I feel fd is safer than saving account. 

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Check out utkarsh sfb

Benevolent Benevolent
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any experience u would like to share ?
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