Query regarding downgrading AU royale account.

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Due to recent devaluation from the side of AU small finance Bank, I am thinking to  downgrade my royale account to a lower grade , with Rupay Platinum debit card.
What is the procedure for the same.
What is the Debit card charge, monthly average balance and other charges incurred in such account.
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Downgrade to Au digital account, Zero balance account, rupay platinum debit card. Debit card charges are 200+gst AFAIK.

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AU digital account available only for new AU customers.

You can downgrade to minimum 5k average balance account and get Visa card.

Now complaint to AU bank, tell them you want RuPay Platinum DC. 

AU bank will denied your request and told you, RuPay Platinum DC is not available on this account.

Next step - Complaint to RBI.

Now after complaint to RBI, AU bank will issue you RuPay Platinum DC on minimum 5k average balance account.

This method is tested ?

Yes, already verified by few users.
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Devaluation was expected

Dont ever go for THIS KIND OF MARKETING by any bank (even top HDFC never did kind of marketing as AU as a matter of fact HDFC has classic and other HNI accounts with way superior features but they never marketed that to keep it valuable) ... AU HAD THIS COMMING with all that high marketing the can't sustain high rewards , just marketing budget will eat up a lot smile

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