Query regarding gold dimes and normal dimes

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can we see the dimes credit history like when they added and when the deducted ?any page associated for tracking their history??

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not yet

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ok it will be a great feature to add i guess
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Don't focus on these. 

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Perfect answer. plus1

Try contributing to the community first. All goodies or rewards will follow afterwards.

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  1. DesiDime's Reward System: DesiDime.com employs a gamified reward mechanism wherein users accumulate virtual currency known as "Dimes" through engagement activities such as deal sharing, commenting, and voting within the platform's community ecosystem.
  2. Dimes Transaction Tracking: Regrettably, DesiDime does not offer a comprehensive ledger detailing the chronological sequence of Dimes accrual and redemption, including timestamped records for addition and deduction events.
  3. Platform Architecture: DesiDime's reward system likely operates on a distributed database infrastructure, utilizing a combination of relational and NoSQL databases to store user activity data and associated Dimes balances. These databases are managed and scaled using cloud-based solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  4. Data Management: The platform's data management framework may employ technologies like Apache Kafka for real-time event streaming, enabling the capture and processing of user activities that contribute to Dimes accumulation or expenditure.
  5. User Interface: DesiDime's user interface (UI) presents users with a summarized view of their current Dimes balance, but lacks a detailed transaction history interface due to design considerations and user experience priorities.
  6. Customer Support Interaction: Users seeking insights into their Dimes transaction history can initiate inquiries through DesiDime's customer support channels, leveraging communication platforms such as Zendesk or Intercom for seamless interaction with support representatives.
  7. Enhancement Possibilities: DesiDime could potentially enhance its platform functionality by implementing features for users to access a more transparent and detailed transaction history, leveraging technologies such as blockchain for immutable record-keeping and transparency in Dimes transactions.
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Good answer ty

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