[Query] - Understanding SBI Debit Card Validity/Expiry and AMC Billing Cycle


I've SBI Debit Card with expiry as 07/26 and I've been charged AMC for the past 3 annual billing cycles as follows :

17-Feb-2024 - Rs. 147.50
17-Feb-2023 - Rs. 147.50 
14-Mar-2022 - Rs. 147.50

Now that SBI has started issuing virtual debit cards, I don't need it anymore. I'm actually unable to understand that if expiry month is July (07), then why am I being charged in February or March?

I was relaxed that I'll cancel the debit card in May/June this year but was charged AMC on 17th February, 2024.

If I cancel the debit card now, will I be charged AMC in February 2025 ?

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No, you won't be charged.

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To answer your 1st question

"why am I being charged in February or March?"

The Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for SBI ATM cards will be recovered by the bank at the beginning of the second year/consecutive years

 Listed below are the applicable annual maintenance charges for the SBI Debit Card:

  • Classic Debit Card

The AMC (annual maintenance charges) for this debit cum ATM card is Rs.125 plus GST.

  • Silver / Global Contactless Debit Card

The applicable charges for this debit card are Rs.125 plus GST.

  • Yuva / Gold /Combo / My Card (Image) Debit Card

The annual maintenance charge for this debit card is Rs.175 plus GST.

  • Platinum Debit Card

The applicable AMC for a Platinum Debit Card is Rs.250 plus GST.

  • Pride/Premium Business Debit Card

The applicable annual maintenance charge is Rs.350 plus GST.

Your card comes with a fee of Rs.125 plus GST equivalent to 125+22.5 = Rs 147.5


To answer your second Question

"If I cancel the debit card now, will I be charged AMC in February 2025 ?"


Suggestion   Now that you have already paid , keep holding until before year end 

You can confirm with Bank by visiting Branch 


Add on Info / Fun Facts 

Earlier it was 100+ tax(approx 14%) =114

But after GST implementation they have raised the charges to 125+GST =147.50.

They will charge yearly once, Also if you have joint account or two ATM for your account then it doubles


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I Got A Doubt , If U Cancel Physical Debit Card And Keeping Virtual Card...

Is It Possible To Reset UPI Pin With Virtual Card ??

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No idea, I guess someone has to try this out to find the answer 

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I had applied for physical debit card few days back. I can view card details from yesterday. I see virtual debit card is free from any annual charges so applied it as well.

Will I be still charged with AMC 2nd year i.e in 2025 for my debit card if it was issued for first time and was only activated for 1 day this year?

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