Question regarding amazon youth offer.

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My friend’s cousin is 24 years n 3 months right now. So is he eligible for amazon prime youth offer?
I said no as the age is more than 24 even though the years signify he is 24 something , but he is 24 something not exactly 18-24?
He says he is seeing the banner so he would be eligible but I doubt that , I and my friend were also getting the same banner. I think they show banner whether or not they are 18-24 , right?
So wanted to confirm that.

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Strictly NO, they shows banner in every account. They verify age through KYC documents which you said “are of above 24 years”.

Pro Shopping Friend Pro Shopping Friend
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Yes he will receive cashback.
He is eligible till he turn 25.

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Yes, he is eligible for cashback as long as membership is purchased before his 25th birthday.