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These days i have seen many people set up their android phones without logging in with any gmail account and without using any samsumg/xiaomi etc. account. later they install a open source appstore to download apps. this leads to less processes running in the background and less background internet being used and more free ram. how to setup a phone without any gmail or samsung/xiaomi etc. account? For already set up phones using these email addresses, is there a way to remove them without formatting the phone?

For non rooted phones,is there a software using which we can disable internet access, mobile internet or wifi, for a specific app or service? Suppose one wants only browser to access the internet and nothing else then is it possible?

If gmail is used in an email client like outlook then in settings there is an option to revoke that access. Where is the same option in yahoo or hotmail?

For non rooted phones,is there a software using which we can disable background active not needed apps or services?

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Settings > Accounts > Select Account > 3 dots > remove

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thanks to setup a new phone without any account?and anything about the rest of the questions?
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Yahoo > Sign-In [desktop site] > settings > Security > Manage App and Website Connections.
Previously it was a dedicated page but over multiple management changes, Yahoo is a mess now.

Other way on the desktop site is to try this
settings > more settings > writing email [it is in the left hand side pane] > connected accounts.
The ones no longer required can be disconnected.

Similarly on the left pane itself, click on 'Contacts' to further check such thirdparty connections.

Also, this knowledge base article is worth going through.


Microsoft has 'accounts' > 'privacy' and the options to 'remove the permission'.
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In stock ROMs the most one can do is to log out from the Google account. Aurora store for apps (free only) but apps like Payzapp, Bajaj FinServ just to name a few will be off-limits completely (can't be sideloaded as they rely on Play Signing). 

Custom ROMs are must suited for this purpose. Privacy focused ROMs like Graphene OS, Calyx, e/OS etc. Otherwise microG for mainstream ROMs. One can even flash Linux distros (with a UI suited for mobile devices) like postmarketos or even straight up Debian depending upon the device. 

Edit: For unrooted devices Shizuku is the only option.

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to get apps like payzapp etc. to work this is the alternative, install from playstore, then disable google play services or remove account, it will work but to update it login would be needed.
os's like graphene are too good but they only gets installed on a few selected phone models afaik. is this the case today too?
what's microG mainstram?
what exactly does shizuku do? it requires setup via adb
and anything about the rest of the questions?
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Custom ROMs is the answer but with phones these days getting so powerful even in budget it's no longer needed other than extra customizations, I was super into this stuff 5-6 years ago now it's basically not needed I get 8hr sot easily on my 2-year-old phone with just basic customizations and removing unneeded system apps.

You can pretty much go to any app info without root and restrict background access and optimize apps for better battery, same for internet access -if you want to do it for all apps at once Firewall is the answer.

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how do you remove unneeded system apps?with root?
which firewall?
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