RBL bank accounts (premium segments)

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Planning to open RBL Bank account. 

They have Aspire(1L) and Signature(2L) segments with no MAB charges and complimentary debit cards. 

Customer care told me to start a normal account 5k / 10k initial amount and then upgrade. 

The upgrade is handled by branch only. 

My question is can we negotiate with the branch to initiate the account in these segments so that no debit card fee is charged. 

Also share your General feedback about RBL Banking services.

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Rbl customer care is worst don't open
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Better open AU Royale account. Their services and customer care are top notch. 1L MAB with free debit card and many offers and discounts on debit card. Also credit card will be easily approved. Their mobile and net banking is good too. 

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Thanks @romilq239 & @ Dileep_kumar.

Can you please share your personal experiences.  

I called their customer care and i could connect easily even without being a customer. 

And they replied every question. This is difficult even being a customer of few reported banks

AU credit card is not a problem for me, I can get it anytime. 

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I opened an account last week. Credit card approved same week. I find online services of AU way better than any bank. And in case you open AU Royale account, they will treat you like a king 👑 

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So What's the Catch. I don't understand ??? MAB is 1 & 2 Lakh for Aspire & SIG. BUT there are no MAB Charges? Then why there is MAB. Why not call it Initial Funding...
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There is no benefit of RBL bank savings account , their banking process is worst / chor / junk . only + is there interest rate, I think which is keeping them alive

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