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I opened a rbl savings account + Signature DC Last month. Any idea when I would receive my joining 5k voucher and monthly spend voucher for last month.

And to confirm, We get spend vouchers for all spends including cc bill payments via park plus and wallet reload right?
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I also have same queries , one other query : I just got signature + virtual card got shown up in RBL app yesterday, when can I expect physical card delivery ?

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7 to 14 working days bro

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1. You will receive your welcome voucher within 60 days and monthly spend voucher is sent in batches so can't say the exact date. You can join RBL signature plus debit card thread on Technofino for updates but you will mostly get it within 30 days after monthly milestone completion.

2. Each and every spends will be valid as of now. Nothing is excluded. Hope it will continue.

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The way ppl are publicizing...... Think it will close soon

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Received my monthly spending voucher today.

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