Real Live Experience - NRI use UPI with American, European Mobile Numbers

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Real Live Experience - NRI use UPI with American, European etc Mobile Numbers:

This info is shared by one twitter user Sunil Bhai -

UPI with American Phone Number:

So I had heard that this is possible but never tried.

Yesterday I found time and thought why not give it a shot.

Pre-requirement is that you need NRE/NRO account.

I had one with ICICI. I also had their iMobile Pay app.

Opened the iMobile App. Tapped on "UPI Payments" It composed a text message for me.

I hit send.

Spinner came.

Asked me to select which account i want to send money. ( NRO or NRE )

I picked NRO. few seconds spinner.


I selected my father's number, sent him Rs 101.

He received it instantly.

All this took less than 1 minute.


He also told - For me UPI is enough.

I was able to give small amount money for temple renovation to relative in a village. Few taps and done. It’s glorious.


If you guys dnt know then let me tell you, NRI customers will have to link their NRE or NRO account to their International SIM in order to avail UPI facilities.

Also note - UPI on International mobile numbers is still on beta testing. Hopefully it will start working well by the end of this year.

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Saalam namaste bhai... ab NRE/NRO ke khichidi mein ghee...

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