Received call from Unknown 9 digit indian number

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I got calls from 9 digit indian numbers. I did not pick them up.

+91800909199 (on Tue 30 April 2024) Showing JP Prajapati College on Truecalled

and +91856162734 (Today on 02 May 2024) no name on truecaller, I renamed it as Spammer.

  1. My first question is how is 9 digit number allowed in India? 
  2. Is there something wrong with my Android 14 in M34 5G, that it is showing 9 digit number?
  3. I remeber there was a number hide functionality in samsung and reliance button phones, but does that really works?

I really suspect its a scam.

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probability of some scam afaik 9 numbers cant work 

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yeah... but I am wondering how telecom companies re allowing 9 digit number calls

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Received today also, from 851184075.
Where can I complain?

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Daily I am getting from unknow numbers, for now I have marked them as spam in truecaller and airtel call manager and blocked them there.
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I've received call from +91801540194, +91845333015 and +91814882684

Haven't picked any of them, what's going on here?

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Calls originating from VoIP can display any desired number as caller ID. Already scams successfully accomplished by making ivr calls displaying authentic customer care numbers of Mobikwik, Simpl, Reliance Digital as caller IDs

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