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I am trying to redeem Google One 6 months free offer of Times Prime. I am unable to redeem on my primary account with error - Account not eligible.

When I try to redeem on another account - I am not able to add a credit card. It simply gives error: invalid card number even after trying to add many different cards.

When I try to add paytm wallet, it gets added and then says unavailable (greyed out).

Any idea how to redeem this offer?

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Entertainer Entertainer
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I also want to use. Need to understand pros and cons of using this coupon first. 

Critic Critic
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Pros is increased Google drive space for backup.

Cons is after 6 months your card will be charged 130 rupees if you forget to cancel the subscription 

Benevolent Benevolent
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you can add google play GV to your account and set that as the payment mode. no need for card. however, use this only if you really need it. You can share the benefits with upto 5 other accounts.

The main advantage I found was the increased space, though my daughter is more fond of the added editing features in google photos.

Critic Critic
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Why do I need to add Google GV when I do not intend to buy anything? There should be another way without actually spending money to activate this free offer.
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