Refusal of BSBDA account from Bank

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I was under the impression that RBI had mandated that all the banks operating in India should have BSBDA or similar 0 balance account offerring, is this correct ?

I checked Standard Chartered website and liked the simple basic 0 balance account. 

There was no option to apply for it directly so I spoke to their chat agent regarding this and he took down my contact details.

Yesterday, I received non-stop calls from multiple SC bank agent and they showed literally 0 interest on my request for 0 balance account but rather all of them tried their best to sell they 25k MAB priority account.

Frustrated me, wrote on email about this and also sent a tweet. 

Received 2 very different answers :

Over on tweet:

I was told, 0 balance account can only be opened via branch.

This is fair enough since bank is trying to discourage people from opening this account.

Over an email support:

I was outright told that they no longer have 0 balance account and they don't offer it anymore.

I have this in writing and I am thinking to complain about it to RBI. If its RBI mandate that all banks should offer 0 balance account then maybe I have a valid point and can complain about it.

All this, since I am frustrated that these multiple bank agent called me back to back and tried to scam me into opening their own preferred account to fill their targets.

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There are lot of restrictions on BSBDA accounts in any bank like number of transactions should not exceed a certain number, net monthly amount credit/debit movement should not exceed a threshold etc. Its a pain to open one and frustration to maintain one, so better stay away.

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Why do you want to open bsbda account with sc? 


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He probably mistakenly believe that opening a BSBDA acc in Standard Chartered bank will help in getting some pre-approved credit card offer for which he is currently not eligible. In fact, BSBDA acc is mainly meant for economically weaker section of the society so how can any bank possibly give any cc offer to such acc holders.
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Nobody will open bsbda account.... The employee who opens tgat account will vet a bashing in his monthly review.... Its just for show on bank website.... These days sbi employees will also not open it as tgey too have targets to fulfill now..... So u have to complain on high level then maybe possible.... But no use of bsdba account.... Believe me.... U wont get any offers or pre approved offers... Nothing.... 

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Maybe its not the BSBDA account.

This is the account I am referring to :

And No I am not looking for SC credit cards or any offers. I just want another 0 balance account for myself apart from kotak since citi bank 0 balance account is closed.

After comparing different varient of 0 balance account, I found SC 0 balance account to be better, hence the ask

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They open it off-line.

For ID proof, just PAN card, Aadhar card needed.

These they do not open online.

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But they cant refuse, can they? 
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