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Repairing Seagate Maxtor Hard Disk ?

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I have bought Seagate Maxtor 2 TB Hard Disk 3 years back ,
I have used it not more than 8-10 times and stored my personal data without knowing it will give me trouble !!!

I have used it on Windows 7 but after my system got hacked in December 2020, I am using Windows 10 , but here Haven’t used it since  Windows 10 install but on September 24 I have plugged it into it getting disconnected always , changed cable nothing works ….
At last I have contacted Seagate care got reply as out of warranty and have to pay for data recovery nearly 70% custom charges but no guarantee of recovery , then I have tried to do self repairs , after repairing some how seen disk In Disk management but when I click on it to make it drive getting error as " Disk I/O error " anyone knows how to fix it ??
As I see my whole data kept in it pensive

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If you plan to go with data recovery then do not try to do anything to drive as it will reduce the chance of recovery further and can cause further damage to the drive.

Do this only as a last resort.
Take the hard disk out of the external casing and check if you can connect it directly to h pc and see if it works. Sometime the hard disk is fine but the case goes bad and it can work.
But if it does not work then data recovery is your only option (extremely costly and no guarantee of success) if you have important.

After loosing a ton of data, I now always keep 2 sets of data in external hard disk