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So heres what happened, I had ordered two parcels from myntra and I sint like them placed exchange for one parcel and return for other, I wasnt at home, I informed my mom to give nack the parcel to the courier guy and get the new one (exchange) but instead of giving exhange parcel she gave return one. Next day the courier guy came for return and now my mother gave her the exhange parcel but he dint pick up saying its not matching (obviously)

I contacted myntra, that wrong pickup was done, its been one week nothing has been solved its so frustrating, I will be at 3000 rs loss for this silly thing

Any idea what to do?

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Everything is done by machines and computers. There are no answers available when the process's inputs are mixed up.

These days, virtually little can be fixed if something goes wrong because everything is automated. Everyone should use extra caution when interacting with automated processes because of this.

Also, if I were entrusting that complex task to someone else, I would have written with a bold marker on the box( for return, for exchange), so there is very little possibility of a mix-up. 

Everyone is in their own bubble and has no time do deal with others matters, so I wouldn't blame your mother for not paying attention to something that was important to you.

If it were me, I would consider the 3000 rupees a write-off and move on. 

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since it's our mistake, except waiting & persuading nothing can be done much.

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