Riot Game's Valorant store brings back UPI payments: Here's how to use it

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Riot Game's Valorant store brings back UPI payments: Here's how to use it:


Riot Games recently announced the return of UPI payments to the Valorant store via a Twitter post. With the payment option being unavailable after a series of payment errors back in March 2023, the UPI method was removed from the store's official modes of payment. However, with the recent update, the developers have confirmed the reintroduction of BHIM UPI, and Indians will have a much easier time purchasing Valorant Points (VP).

BHIM UPI is a fast and secure way to make payments exclusively in India. This new addition will help players fund their in-game wallets quicker and make purchasing cosmetics a much simpler process. Our guide will help players understand how to use this simple and easy payment process using their local (Indian) UPI IDs.

Riot Games reintroduces UPI as official payment method in Valorant:


Many Indian Valorant players faced major obstacles when making transactions via UPI, and Riot temporarily removed it from the game. The reintroduction hints toward all problems being resolved after a recent update.

It must be noted that BHIM UPI is mainly a feature for Indian nationals and is not a viable payment option for other SEA region players.

How to purchase Valorant Points by using BHIM UPI:


All VP bundles purchasable through BHIM UPI (Image via Riot Games)

With the reintroduction of BHIM UPI to Valorant's payment interface, players can follow our step-by-step guide to purchase the necessary amount of VP in-game.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on the VP option in the top-right corner of the game's main menu.
  2. Select the required package from the available prompts
  3. After choosing the preferred package, the player will be prompted with a BHIM UPI payment window
  4. Players must enter their respective UPI ID and finalize the transaction
  5. Upon completion of the payment, players will receive the VP package in-game.

The game offers the following VP packages with the BHIM UPI mode:

  1. 485 VP - ₹450.
  2. 1025 VP (975 VP + 50 bonus) - ₹900.
  3. 1850 VP (1725 VP + 125 bonus) - ₹1600.
  4. 3200 VP (2900 VP + 300 bonus) - ₹2700.
  5. 4850 VP (4300 VP + 550 bonus) - ₹4000.
  6. 10000 VP (8525 VP + 1475 bonus) - ₹7900.
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