Rs.50 Free Petrol On Purchase Of 1 Litre On Showing Your Inked Finger For Pune


The Pune Petrol Dealers Association has initiated the ‘Vote Kar Punekar’ campaign to encourage citizens to participate in the Lok Sabha elections on May 13. With voting percentages declining, the association aims to boost voter turnout by offering free petrol worth Rs 50 to those who cast their votes. Collaborating with Maha NGO Federation and other NGOs, the campaign seeks to spread awareness about the importance of voting.

Until May 20, citizens in Pune can avail themselves of this offer by showing their inked fingers at petrol pumps after purchasing one liter of fuel. To further promote voter engagement, association members and volunteers will conduct door-to-door visits, urging citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Special assistance will be provided to senior citizens to ensure they reach polling booths comfortably. Additionally, food and bottled water will be distributed to police personnel on polling day to support their efforts. The campaign is bolstered by the launch of a mobile application, ‘Vote Kar Punekar,’ and a dedicated website, These platforms provide essential information about polling stations and enable voters to locate their designated polling stations using QR codes.

Through these concerted efforts, the Pune Petrol Dealers Association aims to make a significant impact on voter participation in the Lok Sabha elections, fostering a culture of civic responsibility and democratic engagement among Punekars.

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Pro Community Angel Pro Community Angel
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One finger would work how many times ? 

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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As many petrol pumps you can visit and as many times you can visit. 

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Very good initiative. 

Government must encourage people to vote by force or by giving some lolipop. 

Comrade Comrade
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India me sabko sab free chahiye, jab vote deneki baari aayi to logo ko paisa kyu chahiye? Responsibility nibhane ke liye b logo ko paisa chaiye..

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Kya kare, yhi yaha ka scene hain. Isse badalne mai generations lag jayengi. 

Waise, purani log ki jaida vote dalne ke liye excited rehte hain, aaj kal ke yuva ko to samaj ki kuch padi hi nhi. 

Ho skta hain bhawishya mai halat aur kharab ho jaye
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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For every action there is need of some momentum but here, for some action there is need of some Freebies. Where are we heading right now ? 😑😑   Dystopian world?  Isn't our moral duty to cast our vote. One finger might not change the fate of candidates but billions of fingers can alter the wrath of dynasty who overlooked the power of common man.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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As a society we failed on many fronts. 
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