Rupay credit card - suggestions needed

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Currently I have only Tata Neu plus rupay credit card, LTF. 

Happy with the card, no charges, gets 1.5% as neu coins on upi transactions. 

I'm thinking of applying one more rupay credit card. Please provide card suggestions. 

Card without/less charges with better upi transaction benefits will be good. 

Thanks 😄

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Axis kiwi

Bob snapdeal

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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These have rupay varients? 

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Jupiter Edge Rupay Credit Card.

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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🎇 Best rupay CCs :

Jupiter Edge CSB 1-5%

Tata Neu Infinity 1.5%

Bob Snapdeal 1%/2.5%

Kotak Myntra 1.25%

Axis Kiwi 1%

TataNeu Plus 1%

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card

Thoughts on this one? 

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The PostMighty The PostMighty
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OP, why do you feel you need to apply for another RuPay CC? Are you missing out on something that HDFC TataNeu Plus is not offering? The answer to the question will fetch better recommendations from dimers.

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Actually I found the tata neu card is perfect for me.

Actually my thought is to get a new card from another banks where I don't have cards still now so that I can discounts especially on sale time. 

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you can't puja perform without Pujari. Similarly, we can't complete Rupay discussion, without our @ abhisek12

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What about Slice LTF card? That is also Rupay and gives 1% right? I have not used Slice after their breakup from SBM. Any suggestions?

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bob rupay 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Is there a way to get tata neu (plus/inifinity card) LTF?

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