Rupay Credit card UPI payment Rejected

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I visited few stores this weekend. I paid using Rupay CC UPI, the amount got deducted and credited back instantly. Got a pop up saying credit UPI payments are not accepted by this merchant.

It happened with both low and high value transactions. I didn't know that merchants can disable this payment. Eventually if CC UPI is not accepted anywhere, can we safely assume that Rupay CC are useless given that we don't get same offers as that of Visa/MasterCard?

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Here also some merchants disabled sad

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Tagging UPI/Rupay CEO @abhishek012 to help further on this issue.

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@abhishek012 Rupa lover why you disabling merchant transactions? Enable ASAP.

It's true that most shops disable that option and it's not of any use if they still continue to do so.

Maybe visa MC spending money, not on offers but to discourage merchants and payment gateway from giving preference to Rupay.

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Maybe your area is not accepting payments from rupay cc, near me 7 in 10 shops are accepting rupay cc under 2K

Also if rupay cc upi is not accepted at stores nearby still it is not useless as we are getting more offers on rupay than visa/mc currently.

Yeah, running behind most rewarding rupay cc for upi is becoming less valuable day per day

Tip: try to find paytm merchant qrs as it gives option to just disable payments over 2K so merchant don't have to suffer charges while other apps don't have this option, they can just enable/disable payment no matter what amount

Use paytm app on paytm qrs so that it shows whether rupay cc will be accepted or not so no worries for payment getting failed,

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The shops have no idea about CC UPI. I have no problem with shops. But the Stores like Lulu Hypermarket are not accepting the payment.

I think the offers on RUPAY are short term.

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Yes same happening here also

Done a rupay upi transaction last week successfully now on same merchant its declined pensive pensive

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Most merchants are disabling it because of the fear of the mdr which they have to pay on bigger transactions. It's lack of proper education honestly. They're scared that it'll be deducted on all transactions. 

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No I don't think this is the reason. They accepted Rupay credit card payment. They are not accepting Rupay CC UPI payment.

I don't think UPI have higher MDR charges compared to direct card payment.

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Wait few years, once RuPay CC UPI will fully live. You can pay to all large/big merchants and payment companies will spend money to acquire small merchants.

Hope! you know that RuPay CC UPI is currently on beta testing. It will take time to give certification to all big merchants.

For example - You said they accepted RuPay credit card payment. They are not accepting Rupay CC UPI payment.

RuPay Credit Card launched in 2017. So, why all banks started issuing RuPay credit cards after 2022 ?

Because before that it was in beta testing.

All large/big merchants need direct certification from NPCI to go live with RuPay CC UPI and NPCI take lots of time (sometimes 2-3 years) to give go live certification.

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Most large format stores have preferential agreement with banks for low MDR on POS swipes. 

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