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Hi Friends,

I have a query as i have never used airport lounge. And tomorrow i am having indigo flight from Delhi Terminal 2 at 7pm, myself and my 5year old son is travelling.

I have 1 platinum rupay debit card and 1 select rupay debit card. My queries are:

1) I did a check and i can see that platinum debit card has access to lounge but can someone pls confirm that select rupay debit card is also having access to lounge.

2) Can i use my both card to get access to lounge in T2. One for myself and other one for my son.

3) in T2 delhi terminal which lounge is good for kids.

4) my flight is at 7pm , any suggestion at what time i should reach to lounge so that my son can enjoy.

5) any other thing i need to take care.

Thanks in advance to all :).

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Rupay Select is the top of the list followed by Platinum and then Classic, Classic has no lounge offers, Platinum has domestic and Select gives both domestic and international, in your case Select has access to Delhi's T2 domestic


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btw to your queries;

1) Select has access (earlier post)

2) I have been to domestic lounges 4-5 times in last 2 years and in some cases they cross check the name on the card with your ticket and some don't even check and see if the card is getting swiped or not, better to have the names in the ticket and card to be same, in your case since its your kid aged 5, it shouldn't be a problem but see if you can get a add-on for your kid (not sure if they will issue cards for kids below 18yrs etc)

3) Could see only 1 lounge in T2 (Encalm Lounge) so no option here 😊

4) For domestic flights, its better to reach airport 2hrs in advance and lounge access also is for 2hrs, so if your flight is at 7pm I guess gate closes by 25mis earlier so would suggest to reach airport by 5pm, finish your airline and security check and reach lounge by 5.30-5.45pm (some times you might have a big security queue and hardly any on some day) and plan for 45mins in lounge

5) wrt to lounge, nothing much apart from the above points

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Thankyou for the reply ,  will update whether they allow my son on my card or not , but really thanks for taking out time and response.

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I am in encalm , good queue but most people cards are not accepted and i got admission along with my child using a single card, crowded but managable.

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super and thanks for updating the thread😃
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You can use rupay platinum & select for lounge access 

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