S24 Series : Plagued by Display Issues?

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I had ordered S24+ during prebook period. On the day of delivery, I have cancelled the order and refused the delivery from Samsung. Why did I cancel?

From the past two days, I have seeing lot of negative reviews on online forums globally criticising Samsung for releasing half baked products. Already I was not happy with Samsung not offering Snagdragon Gen3 in India since exynos is missing out on wifi 7 (not a concern) and have slight thermal throttling (may become a concern as the phone age) Some have returned the product and some are waiting for the software update. I decided to bite to bullet and refuse the order. An over exaggeration? Maybe 

What is is the issue?

Washed out display on all S24 series. Also DCI P3 color is reported to be around 86% instead of 100%. All the recent galaxy series phones have 100%. It it a bug or a hardware issue? Only Samsung can tell. Nevertheless, I never expected Samsung to release such kind of QA missed/failed products to customers who are paying a bomb for these products.



(left - S24 ultra ; right - S23 ultra)

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To all the dimers and dimers who have got these phones recently ? - Your opinions please.

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I switched from S8 to S24 Ultra.

So far the experience is good.

About the Display Color issue, It's visible only when compared side by side with another device and specifically in the Vivid mode. Also, it's acknowledged and will be rectified with the upcoming updates as per Samsung.

It's not a major issue IMO.  (No Lines/No dull display/etc.)

This is like going to the Croma/other similar chain to purchase a TV and comparing LG/Sony/Samsung/etc. TV side by side.

You will notice a little difference there in the Showroom, but at home it hardly matters. (You can't tell the difference if shown independently. OR you were told about any flaw earlier.)

Even the iPhone 15 series faced heating and related issues, which Apple acknowledged and resolved through the updates.

Nobody can come up with the perfect product, and when paying a high price to the Brands, we trust them to take the corrective steps in case of any issues.

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