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Hello everyone, kindly share your thoughts / recommendation for Salary account - any specific bank/product that you think is good. I don't need shopping /reward /cashback benefits, but following would be good: 

  • Term / accident / health Insurance benefits
  •  Domestic / International lounge access 
  • No forex markup
  • No spam calls 😬

My Salary is >1.5 L, which lands in SBI no frills saving account, which actually has worked pretty well for past 11 years. With Net banking I rarely had to go to branch.  


We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.
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I feel you mean a 0 balance account with nice debit card and complimentary CC with good benefits, maybe something from idfc or indusind? Let others suggest...

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I think Indusind Exclusive Savings account will be good (ask for salary account with indusind with these benefits) 

except Term / accident / health Insurance benefits -> all the other things are present in indusind for you i think

if you ask me i would suggest you to go for HDFC classic or more but your use case wont fit it

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10) Good for travel international - Indusind Exclusive savings account and zero balance if you have Pinnacle CREDIT CARD (reason: 112.5k cc bill pay with DC the return value is Rs 1050, 0.93%) - suggestion courtesy with thanks to ENCOUNTER_SHANKAR

If you have a Pinnacle credit card

  • then this account will have zero MAB & debit card will also be LTF,
  • Debit card have zero forex markup charges & unlimited zero ATM withdrawal charges worldwide,
  • Debit card have good offers on bigbasket, movie tkts etc)

hmm check my other post with many people help, about savings bank account it might give you an idea of what you want:) and pick something from it

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Thank you everyone for input and guidance. The attached image summarizes my findings till now. Will research a bit about IDFC and Indusind and then will decide.  


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Ignore jupiter and FI, for mental peace 

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HSBC good option, 5% unlimited cashback online transactions including utilities....

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Online transaction meaning all E-POS no limitation like shopping etc? Can you please elaborate or provide account name?

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