samsung galaxy f14 5g OR samsung galaxy f15 5g

I have to buy a phone for my mother.Its for normal use only.
In March 2024, is it fine to buy galaxy f14 or wait for price drop of f15 in maybe Diwali sale??

I wouldn't have chosen samsung for mid range phone but my mother prefers brand value sweat_smile

After applying all discountd
F14 5g 6/128 rs9500
F15 5g 6/128 rs 13776

Both phones are not extraordinary, but I want to know which one is less bad?? sweat_smile
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Buy the m series from Amazon. Why risk it with flipkart?

Since f14/m14/15 are the lowest priced segment in Samsung. The only offer you might get is the card offer from banks. Unless the prize of the phone drops that is.

These days there is an offer going on almost every other week.

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F series is made for Flipkart and m for Amazon but the phones are same I saw rumours or its true??

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samsung galaxy f15 5g

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Original -Both are same.

Buy 14.

Addition- based on inputs from fellow dimer indirectly, i would appreciate if OP will do it's own research before making buying decision.

Good luck 

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What are you smoking?

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F15 in apr may. Price will drop and more updates on 15 than 14.

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