Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Best Foldable Phone in 2023?


For me, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the best and most reasonable foldable/flip phone in 2022. Do you think it will be able to stay in the same position in 2023 too? Probably not, because Samsung would likely launch a sequel of the Z Flip 4 in 2023 which would be much better than this one. But this also means that the Flip 4 would possibly get a price cut and yup, that's one thing that we all wait for. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Flip 4, other than being a lot cheaper than the Fold 4, has many other pros like great performance, camera, display, unique design, and improved battery backup too. Thus it makes more sense for a general user to get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 if the priority is getting a well-designed compact smartphone. So, if you are interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, do check out the links given below:

1. Flipkart
2. Amazon
3. Samsung

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