Samsung Smart Exchange (Cashify) Review?

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I want to exchange my 2 year old iphone 13 with 89% battery. On Samsung website it is showing Rs 33700 as exchange value and the cashify guy will come after 3-4 days of delivery to pick up the phone. Overall the phone is in good condition (no cracks or dents). Will the exchange process smooth or anything I should be aware of?

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Have exchanged 3 phones (Galaxy Note8, S9 and S20) with display discolouration via Samsung Corporate (Cashify). The website will show you the highest possible / best condition value. Cashify guy will try their level best to bring it down (their margin increases). I didn't mind in my case because once the Cashify guy marks display as having discolouration issues the phone's value becomes junk (Rs 200-1500). It is the Samsung exchange bonus of Rs 5000-12000 that saves the day for me. This will be pre-applied on the Cashify link and the Cashify guy can never touch this amount.

TL;DR - Honestly ask yourself if the display even has the slightest discolouration or dead spots or lines anywhere. If yes, then just accept the junk value. If not, then do not let the Cashify guy mark the display as having issues. That is what causes the highest depreciation in value. Dents and scratches won't affect the value as much as that.

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Awesome! Thanks for the detailed review. I am planning to visit cashify store once before placing the order to check if they have any concern with the device which could cause issue during pickup.
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