Samsung Twin cooling refrigerator's freezer problem ?

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Hello everyone,

I recently encountered an issue with my Samsung Twin Cooling refrigerator's freezer – it's not freezing ice. Despite setting the temperature appropriately, the freezer seems to be failing in its function.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with their Samsung Twin Cooling freezer? If so, could you please share any solutions or suggestions you might have for resolving this problem? I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice.

Thank you in advance for your help!"

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You must be using convertible refrigerator where freezer can be used as refrigerator in times when you don't need ice/frozen foods.

If yes, It takes time to convert back to freezer approx 24 to 48 hours (without cooling loss). Please read refridgerator manual of particular model and make necessary settings after that it will work absolutely fine.

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thanks for the suggestion
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How old it is?

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almost 5 years old
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Cool Cool
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i bought last year, the convertible twin cool model. 

not liking it,

seems quality is too much degraded now. 

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If your freeze is not cooling at all realy or OLP (overload protection) faulty, not cooling sufficiently thermostat might be faulty.

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