Saraswat Bank RuPay Platinum Credit Card on UPI - Coming Soon

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So for a very small minority of dimers who hold a Saraswat Bank Rupay Platinum Credit Card, there is some good news as they will finally be able to use it for UPI payments. Google Pay is now showing it as an option though the backend work still seems pending as suggested by the below error. I wrote to Saraswat Bank half a year ago and they never responded. So, better late than never. I don't see it on PayTM or Amazon or Mobikwik though. 


Before anyone asks why get this card or what is so special about it - The answer is "Nothing". I got it at a time when there were very few RuPay credit cards in the market (TataNeu and all the complimentary/pre-approved RuPay CCs offered by SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak did not exist) and I needed one for various RuPay offers. I had a relationship with Saraswat Bank and that seemed the easiest route. I also got it LTF because I took the secured version of the card (backed by an FD). Back then the card had one killer feature - Get 20% OFF upto Rs 250 per month on a single utility bill payment. So, basically, you got Rs 250 cashback on a Rs 1250 bill. I milked that offer for over a year until it expired on 31st Mar this year. The bank has not sent any communication about the renewal of that offer as yet. I still paid a utility bill this month. I'll know by next month if the offer has been continued and update fellow dimers.

As for reward points, you get 1 RP on Rs 100 and 1 RP = 0.25 Rs. So, a 0.25% reward rate. There are hardly any credit cards with a worse ratio. What's worse is that you need 1100 pts to redeem and the expiry is just after 1 yr. So, you would need to spend Rs 1.1L in a year to earn 1100 pts which are worth Rs 275. Not worth it at all. Plus there is a redemption fee too.

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Well not worthy card for now, but good to learn these infos:) thanks for taking time to share it:)

I was researching on getting credit card from Saraswat Bank in past, and it seemed like it is not at all available around me so quit it:) now I can see why:)

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Some progress but we are not there yet -SmartSelect20240424081815GPay

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