SBI account debit freeze

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One of my friend was buying Amazon gift vouchers from amazon through debit card.But he could not buy that gift voucher with debit card.The transaction is cancelled.

Then he tried to buy the gift voucher from Amazon through net banking but it was also canceled again.

And then the SBI savings account gets debit frozen.

5 lakh transactions was done last month from this account.

So it is not clear whether the account is Debit frozen at the time of  amazon gift purchase or it has already expired last month.

And  HDFC debit card is also temporary blocked for him while buying amazon gift voucher.

It seems that every bank is looking at this transaction as suspicious. ( gift voucher purchase)

So today he came to the bank and the bank people told him to fill up the KYC form and said the account will be fixed.And told him that "fraud" or something is not causing the account to be debit frozen.

And he was told that the account would be fine.Filling up KYC form takes whole day time.But the account is still not fixed after wasting time in the bank all day. The bank is closed tomorrow for the second Saturday.He don't want to go to the bank anymore.

What should be done now? How long should it take to unfreeze ? Can he make a complaint online as he was told that the account will be fixed but still the account is not fixed. 


He got a mail in the morning saying that kyc has been updated successfully.But the account is still in debit freeze status.

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"CREDIT BEE",RBI TERMS, ask him to buy a farm and never have any loans and live peacefully... level 9

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5 lakh transactions in a month from savings account!! My god flushed. This is count or amount!

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This is for BBD bro.He will not make any more big transactions in his account on this A.Y.

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