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I received a mail from SBI on my registered email ID and SMS on my registered mobile no.

Dear Customer, STOP has been placed on your Acc XXXXX***** for the reason Other Reasons Part. .-SBI
For any query, please contact our toll free number 18001234 & 18002100.

This is official email and SMS because I received all transaction related updates from this email address.

The account KYC was done last year and when I try to KYC via Yono it says KYC already updated.

What can be the reason for this stop ?

I don't use UPI on this account. Only yono cash withdraw was done 4 months ago.

I contacted SBI customer care they told to visit home branch and they cannot tell the reason of stop. Just visit home branch they will do it
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I am unable to see balance via yono app(It was working time before the email and message).

Amount can be credited to the account.

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You have to visit any of the branches and have to lift it by submitting kyc , it will be done immediately.

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You do not have to be panic mode. I understand that this is clearly concern but don't take any action in haste & get into some trap.
This is most likely a Bank info & is mostly send in bulk to customers

While generating such SMS/Email, the department concerned will be provided with a data base of such defaulters generated on a particular day. Any document submitted after that day , though updated in the system, will not be considered by the department as they will have an old data only. So, send a mail to the branch who will revoke the STOP status.

Sometimes Periodic Updation of KYC is required by bank as per RBI guidelines.

Action Plan -

If there is no change in KYC just send aadhar signed photocopy to branch email Id and request them to update KYC

You can also send by Post

In case of further doubts , Just make a visit to your home branch once to be at peace of mind 


Home branch Locator

RBI states that 

31. With a view to easing difficulties faced by common persons while opening bank accounts and during periodic updating, guidelines on ‘know your customer’ (KYC) will be further simplified with immediate effect so that banks:

  • do not insist on physical presence of the customer at the time of periodic updating; do not seek fresh proof of identity and address at the time of periodic updating in case of no change in status for 'low risk' customers; allow self-certification; accept a certified copy of the document by mail/post, etc; and
  • do not seek fresh documents if an existing KYC compliant customer of a bank desires to open another account in the bank.

Also below is the answer to Your  query "Amount can be credited to account

32. There is a need for banks to complete KYC for all customers including long standing ‘low risk’ customers. Banks should complete documentation, while minimising the effort on the part of the customer to what is strictly needed. In the event that customers are unable to comply within a reasonable time period, ‘partial freezing’ may be introduced in respect of KYC non-compliant customers i.e., credits would be allowed in such accounts while debits would not be allowed, with an option to the account holder to close the account and take back the money in the account.

KYC norms Source

Additional Info - High risk category acc need kyc update in 2 years, medium risk category acc need update in 4-5 years & low risk category acc need kyc update in 10 years. How these risk categories are determined depends on bank & their system


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Matter could be serious in your case, as it mentions other reasons. For kyc cases reason of kyc not updated is clearly mentioned.

Adhaar Pan card not linked may be the other reasons.

Excessive suspicious transactions.

Did you receive money in this account from an unknown person?

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Since OP has mentioned no UPI usage but only YONO cash withdraw was performed , assuming here that the card-less transaction was marked suspicious just for safety terms. But Yes, what you said is also happening these days


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