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SBI Card -> FREE to Redeem Reward points to statement credit - no charge (of 99+GST) for me, is that possible? SBI SimplySAVE credit card

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Hello Dimers,

I redeemed my reward points of 4000 which gives statement credit of Rs.1000 and now it shows the following as per screenshot hmmm so for me redemption fee is Rs. 0? is it free?? 


anyone confirm how is your experience with reward points redemption in SBI Card?

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Sbi includes the charges in your statement. They do this little dance of debiting and crediting back. But finally it will be in your statement.

Unless the waive it for you per your request. But I don't think they will for redemption.

How did you get your points redeemed for statement credit? Calling cc? Or email?

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ah i see:) guess during statement generation i will know it for sure then:) it will be on 13th of this month will update how it went:)

redeemed by calling customer care:) its the only way i heard from customer care, but i think via email also we can do, but i did it with phone customer care only 

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Adyar Ananda bhavan is pretty pricey. Right?

Never had anything there that justified the price.

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kinda pricy for sure, but sweets are good (except too oily) and hotel is alright nothing to complain except price though:) too pricy for sure

since spending in this hotel kinda regularly need good reward card:) hoping to get SBI pulse soon:) but not sure SBI is willing to offer me this card... have to wait another 3months to get it

And i got sad hearing that SBI only allows 3 cards max sad so low limit on number of cards we can have

need some way to get more than 3 cards in SBI (I have lots of cards i need from SBI one by one xD)

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Why you gone for statement credit in simple save

You could have gone prime vouchers of 250rs. Each by reselling here on dd

You could have easily extracted around 1100-1200 for 4000 points without any redemption charges

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ohh oh oh oh 

didn't thought that... interesting way..

hmm i mean how 250 x4 vouchers will fetch 1100-1200?, i can try that next time:) didnt known this, new to DD so never thought of this:P, so ya let me know how to process this way:) so that  I can plan for next time , in next 3 months i will be reaching 4000 points again soon, so it will help that time:)

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hmm still after statement generation yesterday, that 99+GST is not reversed:) so i got 1000 rupees without redemption fee xD hehehe

maybe they might reverse in next 6 months lol after doing account tallying (OR) they forgot xD



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Demon_slayer, as i told before smile just now got my card upgrade request sanctioned:) via customer care phone call hehe

now SimplySAVE is getting upgraded to SBI Pulse:)

only disadvantage is losing rupay sad

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Finally got your wish! They just approved on a phone call? That's something!

Congrats on catching your white whale!
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