Do you use "SBI Card Bill Pay (default BBPS) portal?
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3.8% Cashback SBI Card Rs. 350 Bill Pay offer - Any effective way to use Rs. 9000/- for bill?

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Hello Dimers,

I dont have pending bills sad anymore all cleared so?

I got an offer from SBI card to get Rs. 350/- as cashback for SBI bill pay portal (a BBPS portal)

(mostly lot of SBI card holders would have received this SAME offer as its already 2nd time i am receiving it in just 2 months, so it a common offer that is available around i guess)

My question is how to get this offer used efficiently? 

Screenshot of offer:

I dont have EB Bills and Phone bills to pay anymore as I already paid it

So any suggestion on how to make 9000 utilized so that to claim Rs.350 easily

Do comment and show up your view for these kinds of offers :) lets try to find a good solution as this is a repeated common offer from SBI Card

Screenshot: Options available in SBI Bill Pay portal

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