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Hello I want to apply for SBI cashback card just want to know few things.

1. is i get 5% cashback for the payment of electricity bills

2. Is there anyway to get it for free for first year

3. How much cashback I receive for other transaction thanks

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1. No , directly we don't get any cashback on any utility bill

2. Not right now, maybe some offer can wait for offer.If your spends are gonna be more than 2 lacs in a year, then take this card , even with membership fees

3. Any online transaction : 5% , except utility,gift card, govt etc there are too many exclusion, you can see on sbi card website, there it's mentioned

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Thank you for explanation 

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1. If your electricity bill is under Rs 10,000 , then purchase Amazon GV and pay using it, you will get 5% CB

2. Not until SBI starts any offer.

3. Online - 5% CB, there are multiple exclusions which you can refere in TnC, Offline swipe 1% CB.

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if i buy amazon gv and flipkart gv or zomato gv will i get 5% cashback?
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