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I have been a CC user since 3+ years. I have never missed any payment.
This month, somehow, I missed the payment on one of my new Credit Cards.

I have paid the bill after 8 days. They did not send me any reminders in those days.
They did not send any reminder or notification about bill payment through SMS/Email/Call at all.

Are their any RBI guidelines on payment reminders which banks are required to send?

Sbi credit card finance charges(penalty + interest + tax) reversal possible? All charges will be imposed in the next bill.

Can I get Late fee/interest Waive off? Please suggest me what should I do?
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If your card is 6 months old then you can take charges waive off now otherwise wait for card 6 months then sbi will refund these charges on call

But late payment in cibil will not be removed

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I have another sbi card and using it 3 years. No late fee charged yet. Then reversal of charges on card is possible or not?
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You can ask for waiver, sbi waive these charges

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yes, the charges can be waived of once in a year for SBI cards and if your card is not 6 months old then wait for 6 months after which u can request for refund of charges. (Yes, the Charges can be waived of within 6 months after levied)

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