sbi credit card have "transfer to merchant emi " less than transacted amount

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hello everyone ,

i have bought a product for 17k from amazon with emi , but sbi credit card have "transfer to merchant emi " to only around 14k , i dont understand this.

for this first month i got emi billing as for around 1300 (1180+180-- princ +int)

interest on emi 180 is shown as "d" debited in bill

fp emi 01/12 (ex tax 32 ) 1300 is shown as "m"

why instead of 17k , 14k is transfer to emi billing ?

thank you

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At the time of emi conversion only 14k was outstanding in your credit card.

You might have make some payment after transaction of 17k or you might have received some refund.

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@Rajrox said + maybe you paid 3k from Amazonpay balance or you received a discount from amazon(you can check in the order summary) Only 14k was left to be converted into emi.

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it is because on your card already there is excess credit of rs in place of 17k after adjusting 3k, remaining retail o/s of 14k got converted to emi.....

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@rajrox , demon_slayer , tejsingh yes i had fin charges waived of rs - 3358 , (2908 c and 450c approx ) before i purchased actual amount of 16990 . the entire 3358 is not used up against this 16990 . 14272 (shouldnt it be 13632) is transferred to merchant emi . the available balance at the time of this transaction was sufficient above 30k.

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