Sbi Credit Card - is it a scam or Genuine?


Hello Dimers,

I need your valuable suggestions to proceed further in getting SBI Credit Card (Cashback).

I applied for an SBI cashback card online on SBI sprint in November and did a successful VKYC on the next day, after there was no response and online tracking showed the application pending, then proceeded to complete it asked to select an appointment and when tried it thrown error as 'state should not be empty' i can see my state in address, when contacted customer care they are dumb and said someone will contact from their team.

I ignored the application.

Suddenly in the last week, I got a call from some mobile number and enquired about the application and they scheduled for verification visit to collect details and visited my office, took a pic of me, and completed Digi locker verification.

After the above process, I got a call from my mobile number and they said your card is ready for dispatch and you will get a call from SBI to verify the details, i said ok.

I got a call from SBI (don't know genuinity) they said the call was recorded and I needed to tell all the personal details like Name, DOB, marriage, mother's maiden name, etc... I rejected as i didn't want to fall into risk. I question why you need my DOB as you have done my VKYC, Digilocker Aadhaar verification, They said it's mandatory we want to hear from the customer whether he/she filled correct details, i told them you can ask the customer whether you have applied for credit card, what is your name such type of questions how can you ask all personal sensitive data which can be misused, for this they said we have all your data and we just want to hear from, i said you tell me what data you had i will confirm whether it is correct or not but they were reluctant and wan to hear from me and threatened if I cannot disclose the details application will get rejected and your cibil score will get down 10 to 12 points, i firmly said go ahead and reject i don't want to disclose my personal details with unknown. i got call 3 days from their supervisor, manager etc..

I need suggestions from Dimers whether it is a genuine process, bcoz I had cards from HSBC, HDFC, Axis, IndusInd, BOB etc.. but i have never gone through such a process..

Plz help me with your suggestions

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Yes it's generally done by sbi

2 verification calls in which they ask these type details

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yes they do on call verification as well if you are applying first CC.

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Yes sbi does this.

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Total 3 Calls... Sbi Card Agent Who Enter Details And Assist You , 2nd Call Who Verify The Details U Told To 1st Person , 3rd Final Call Confirmation To Verify All The Details...

Then Ur Application Will Be Reviewed By Credit Card Department Team.

Last Call is Most Important They Will Verify Authenticity Based On Ur Voice And Exact Details U Told What They See On Computer Screen

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Do they ask for signature on NESL IU, I got a mail for signature  on NESL IU document

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Thanks for the replies got the card

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