SBI Credit Card Payment Hack

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Many of you are facing issues while making payments on your credit card in below 2 scenerios.

1) making advance payment when there is no outstanding

2) making payment against unsettled transaction (emi or non emi) while there is no other previous outstanding.

Recently SBI card has made changes to their payment system which restrict you to make advance payments from any mode.

So, I am sharing you with 2 payment modes through that reflects instantly on your card.

1) Yono SBI- Link your sbi credit card there and make the payments, instantly it gets credit.


How to Register on BHIM SBI Pay

Step 1 : Download BHIM SBI Pay from Google Play store
Step 2 : Install BHIM SBI Pay on your Android phone
Step 3 : Set BHIM SBI Pay login account & register with your mobile number (linked to your bank account)
Step 4 : Create VPA (Virtual Payment Address) of your choice using SBI handle: Ex: customer name@sbiLink your bank account
Step 5 : Set your UPI Pin
Step 6 : Transact using BHIM SBI Pay by sharing only your Virtual Address.

How to pay SBI CARD bill:

Step 1 : Click on Pay by VPA (Virtual Payment Address). It should be Sbicard.16 digits of your credit card no@SBI e.g. Sbicard.4726420123456789@SBI
Step 2 : Insert amount which you wish to pay to SBICARD and click on Go
Step 3 : Please verify bank account MPIN and click on Submit
Note: Payment will be credited on customer’s card Instantly and an SMS will be sent with his available credit limit.


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I didnt faced any Issue with SBI Cards on paying through BBPS portal from any service provider (even for the unsettled amount)

so there is no issue i heard for SBI Cards payments

so not sure this post is useful, as its generic way of SBI Cards default official payment methods which is in the post

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yes sbi card has 14+ payment options to pay credit card bill, but in above 2 mentioned scenerios, only these 2 payment method works..

you paid for unsettled txn bcoz might be there was some previous settled o/s on your card...if there is not, your payment wont pass thru and  will get decline if making through any other method except mentioned in post by me.

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why you want to pay back before the settlement?

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either to escape from merchant emi conversion so that it gets auto reject and enjoy no cost emi discount...
or to restore credit limit on txn settlement...(else you need to wait for first txn settlement as it takes 2 days normally then you will make payment, it takes another 1 to 3 days to get settle however gets credit instantly depending on payment modes)
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can we do it via rupay cc??

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no, only bank account can be linked in sbi bhim pay app
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The VPA isn't working for SBI. I am trying to add it to Amazon for my Cashback CC and it says no matching UPI ID found.

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can only pay via sbi bhim pay app

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The easiest way for anyone facing issue with advance payment for SBI card is going to SBI Card app and clicking on the pay now option and paying the amount.

This can be done even though you pay the whole amount back within 1 hour of doing the transaction

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try it.....if there is no o/s....same will get rejected by bank.
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