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SBI Debit Card limit update error - can anyone help?


I was trying to change my debit card POS/CNP limit using SBI internet banking. Everytime after putting correct OTP, I get error "Received request not in specified format". This is happening since yesterday morning.

I am able to successfully update ATM limit, just the CNP limit is not updating.

Any idea why this happens?

Also people say we can update limit from YONO app also? There is no option in YONO app to update debit card limits. Or is there?

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Same issue for me as well... Default 75K limit exists for my card and not able to update to 1L
Benevolent Benevolent
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Try Yono Sbi Lite App, Manage Debit Card Section... I Always Turn On And Off CNP Transaction... Just 5min back used no problem faced...
Critic Critic
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So, the app shows CNP max limit of 75K. But internet banking shows max limit of 1L. There is a discrepancy. And that is why I think we are unable to update CNP limit anywhere, because SBI netbanking shows Wrong max limit.

Even after 20 years, SBI is as crap as before. 😣

PS: SBI Yono Lite has more features than Yono non-Lite. And lite is 100 mb whereas non-Lite is 35 mb. So why is it called Lite then? Strange employees they have.

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Generous Generous
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max card limit depends on card variant. whats the card variant you using?

Critic Critic
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But it clearly shows that my max limit is 2L.

So you are saying that SBI Netbanking is faulty and crappy? Which I agree by the way.
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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I am unable to update my debit card cnp limit it is showing format error

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