sbi debit card penalty

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sbi is charging 23.6 for debit card transactions that failed on mobikwik and amazon due to insufficient balance.

they are claiming the transaction under pos and leving charges.

Does anyone have any idea if something can be done about it
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You can try once by contacting CC. But chances are very narrow that refund will be issued for these charges. 

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This is correct. Debit card transactions declined due to insufficient balance are charged. This has been true for some 3+ years in my experience.

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i thought it was for atm and actual pos machine. just found out about penalty on an online transaction. one more reason to stick to credit cards and upi. 🙃

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This is standard. For kotak as well.

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These are general rules

Happened with me as well around 3-4 years ago

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Why to make transactions when you don't have balance?

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your question contains answer too. Since, he doesn't know the exact balance, he made that transaction else he would not have made that at all.

it happened thrice to me too as we are lazy in making any effort to know the balance before attempting a transaction. And that laziness is duly encashed by SBI 😄
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