SBI Pizza Hut voucher Showing redeemed during home delivery

Deal Subedar
So i ordered pizzas and sides worth 900 from pizza hut and i had a voucher code from sbi prime milestone so i  ordered and thought I would pay only 400 and ordered via pizza hut app and ordered gets delivered and the delivery guy asks for payment and i showed him voucher then he called his store manager ( whoever redeems code ) and told him the code but he said it is already redeemed then i told him another one he said this is also redeemed before ( both of these codes were from the same sms and had expiry of 18 December) . Then after that i gave him another code which had expiry date of April 2023 and he said this one is working . So now i have lost 1000 rupees worth of vouchers there is no transparency in this method . So i asked the guy to send me screen shots of the redemption and he did but the screenshot showed voucher limit exceeded not redeemed .
Now what can I do about this ?
Kindly help IMG-20221205-WA0001
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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last month my spent was more than 50k but still not received any mail/message for pizza voucer. Are delaying now a days ?

Vanguard Vanguard
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@Dealcharmer Could you kindly share after how many days/weeks of spending Rs 50k in a quarter did you receive the Pizza Hut voucher? Do they send it after the quarter ends or at the end of the month? Thanks!

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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@Ransome I did not receive it automatically I had to ask them to send me the voucher by calling their cc. last year I got it automatically but now I have to remind them for every time they are doing it intentionally.

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