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sbi sending different card on renewal

there is very old savings account at home in sbi which has simple visa classic debit card. the yearly fees is around 150. the card is only used once or twice to pay online and for atm after 5 years sbi has sent a new debit card but this is sbi global debit card. asked customer care to send visa classic debit card only as no fancy card is required as per usage but they said to contact branch. branch is saying to contact debit card department on toll free number. branch person also said to not activate this card otherwise bank will charge for same. pls help.

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Benevolent Benevolent
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That's what they are issuing for now. Although there shouldn't be any much difference if he need it's for occasional use.

Critic Critic
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Ask for rupay classic debit card which has the lowest annual fee among all current sbi debit cards.


Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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RuPay Global card issuing is Free and annual Rs150+GST but better to apply for IOCL RuPay Platinum DC from SBI branch.
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Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
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Annual fee for this global dc is also ~150 (125 + GST) and looking at the maintenance fee, this too is a basic card (Probably just changed the name*)

Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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Well I had Visa Gold international from SBI for many years and they sent some SBIinTouch crap DC as its replacement. The replacement of the replacement again they sent wrong. Finally took 2 months to send another Visa Gold. Eventually I realized Visa on SBI had nothing special once I had gotten Jupiter, Niyo Global and  IndusInd on Visa Signature so got RuPay Platinum from SBI.

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What is special in gold international card? And rupay platinum card charges?
Generous Generous
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All psu banks are doing this. My mom was given rupay platinum on renewal.

Nowadays I find pvt banks have less charges than psu shithole if you are ready to keep balance. Another change is Psu banks are too eager to convert your account with balance into dormant account. All these changes after demonetization. Don't know what they are trying to cover up. Mis selling is new mantra of psu banks. Sbi mis selling policy to senior citizens.

Blaze Blaze
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Same thing happening with my mother IOB account here in bangalore. There is 1 cheque debit and 1 interest credit in past 1 year,  also MAB was maintained but yet account marked as dormant and not able to do any debit transaction. Branch ppl telling no credit by user, so became dormant. Irritated and gave request for closure (along with passbook,chequebook, atm) two months before still not closed. Sending some amount -1/5 rs to check whether closed monthly. 10 rs accumulated and recently got sms that it's deducted as non maintenance of mab charges. Visited branch once in the 2 months, they telling it will be closed. @guest_999 @getready 
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@getready @guest_999 @bohemian @Ash-D @tappukepapa @abhishek012  @some1anywhere964 @akki.akki

activated new card thru net banking thru eservices>> new atm card activation. now in view linked cards it is showing older card also in active state. older cards expiry date is 11/22 means it will work till end of month and then automatically change to deactive? or do we have to deactivate manually?

edit- just checked papers received with the new card. it says just to generate generate atm pin thru net banking and does not say anything about new atm card activation. was this new atm card activation step to be skipped in case of replacement cards? will they charge extra as i selected new atm card activation instead of generate atm pin?

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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Don't have account in Lunch time Bank, so can't say anything. 

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