SBI virtual Debit Card - Is that a thing?


I'm on a spree to optimize my savings account expenses and I'm seeing that although I've had SBI savings account for a long time now and I maintain around Rs. 5k and rarely any transaction happens in that account.

So, the Visa debit card is almost gimmicky for me. I do hold SBI credit card and may continue to do so in the future as well. I'm pretty sure SBI debit card will rarely be useful for any offline transaction for the purpose of availing any offer.

I was wondering if SBI issues virtual debit card so that I can surrender the physical debit card and save on the annual fees which is being debited for years for no reason.

I can go ahead with RuPay Platinum debit card as I'll be needing one but the fees is high as compared to PNB's RuPay Platinum debit card. I already hold RuPay Platinum DC but I'm closing that and getting RuPay Select DC from PNB. So, there's a room for RuPay Platinum DC but seeing the high issuance and annual fee, I'm thinking to better go with any other bank.

Any suggestions please!

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Avant Garde Avant Garde
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How much is being debited every year?

Generous Generous
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It's not much but the debit card is of pretty much no use.

Rs. 150 + 18% GST
Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Off topic: Anything Similar for UBI, felt another thread for my question unnecessary.

I know only bob and nsdl free virtual rupay platinum, any others?

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Same. I closed mine but can't activated UPI because I didn't activated it previously. It's a really weird requirement.

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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@abhishek012 Rupa lover says you don't need card to activate upi. Is it not allowed Rupa lover?🤔

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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If you have internet banking then you can block/disable the current card. Generally sbi don't send any card if all cards are blocked. 

There is no such thing as virtual debit card but virtual employee, service, charges are pretty much dominant with sbi🥰🥰

As above comments mentioned regarding upi, and as you have been charged for card i  suggest that you first activate the card and carry out the UPI pin formality then block the card.

I think you got amc charged for previous year.  try complaining on sbi customer portal for details.Diz natt

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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PNB bank issue multiple add-on debit cards.

You can apply for pnb add-on RuPay Platinum debit card.

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Earlier sbi used to provide virtual visa debit card via netbanking.Check once if it's still available

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