Scam by Chimney company - Police also not taking action

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So we have a Kutchina Vienna glass model chimney.

We got a call from local company in my city that they do maintenance work and cleaning for chimney. So we took Contract for 1 year by paying Rs 1500. They issued us a service card where details like address and phone number written.

On 11th January we called them for major servicing where this technician came and cleaned the motor and everything. But after cleaning chimney showing E1 error and not working. The technician said circuit damaged so he will take circuit and capacitor and repair within 2 days.

Next day owner of the company called and said why did you let him leave if he damaged your chimney. I said I can't hold some person but took his bag which had his instrument and kit as backup.

The owner received called for 4 days and said already repairing going on and will get it last Tuesday. Since then he hasn't picked a single call or answered messages.

On calling the technician he keeps saying already repairing done . But Since 2 days now he also not picking up calls  and if picked up saying will come when free.

I went to the address mentioned on the card and found out its a fake address. No such centre exists 

Now tell me please what action to take. I have call recording as proof and both their numbers are active but not picking up.

On 27th January we got fed up and went to complaint at local police station and they took written copy of complaint. Police called the technician but he saying office not giving him and giving excuses. Even not listening to police and Police also not taking proper action.

Technician Dinesh - 06291093824
Owner Somnath - 09831234331

Please help me . The parts are not available with official service centre anymore as model is 4 years old and I will need to replace whole chimney if I don't get missing parts back. Chimney price around 30,000.  Has been 20 days getting harassment PLEASE HELP

City - Kolkata


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(1) Since you had taken a service contract (not an extended warranty), the present contractor is not liable to bear the cost of defective parts, even though it could be a fault of the repair mechanic.

(2) Try to escalate to manufacturer customer care by email and seek alternative spares which may work with the current model, mentioning high cost and their liability to consumers and approaching consumer court.

(3) Enquire with local REPUTED chimney service centres to try alternative spares which may work with the current model.

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A consumer forum in Kerala had recently heavily penalised Samsung for not providing spares for a refrigerator launched just a few years ago IIRC the details. 

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I bought hindware chimney around Rs11,000. Working fine 1.5yrs+ without servicing.

You can only wait for police if they do something.

If it's fake, then your chimney is gone.

These kutchina guys are scam, and when they called you on their own why did you trust them?

It was the major points of suspicion.

He took your circuit and capacitor intentionally, afterall it's a worthy component.

Can you imagine Amazon furniture guy took screws and screw caps while installing?

Then your parts are much more valuable.

I bet their names are also false 100%.

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Now you can buy from online in future and never trust Kutchina company.

Police will not help, major murder cases are pending and they ignore it.

If you are extremely lucky, you may get your product back.

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Felt bad for you bro.

But to be transparent until the company doesn't have its presence on social media and big merchants like amazon/fk nothing is going to be done.

Its visible manufacturer has no fault in it as you have chosen 3rd party service.

Police really don't care about these cases, I will suggest you to withdraw your complaint and try to get this repaired from somewhere else.

Your case is a perfect example for those people who suggest for vocal for local and purchasing from local vendors.

If you have purchased from Fk/Amazon thery were there with you.

Well wishes!
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This will not work

I had issue with jaguar and I complained with gst copy of bill with details

Nothing happened

So careful and take pain to visit know service centre locally

Never buy third party service. It’s money gone

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I hope you find a resolution bro.

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