[Scam] Park+ Petrol Redemption issue - Calling all Dimers!

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I have been a park+ user & have redeemed 4-5 times in the past, now when I am trying to redeem park+ petrol, every time I do it, I come across error, Request expired, please try again.

Further they are scamming by showing ₹25/ltr Off on ₹2000 Voucher & ₹10/ltr on ₹1500 voucher (very few was shown earlier) which are never available even at exact hour.

I think they are only allowing for the users, who have never redeemed earlier.

This is cheating, any way to teach them a lesson?



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No Scam , Just raise a ticket with the screenshot, they will fix it. I also faced similar issue and they resolved it.

The Best way to teach them a lesson is to pay the fuel pump 1500 directly instead of getting 1500 worth fuel @ 1350 from park plus.

If you dont like it get over it bro , but who else gives 10% on fuel ? 

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Is it possible to pay directly via Park+ at petrol pump?
if yes, can you share details
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Actual: technical issue

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I update app on ios and it got fixed

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Itna gussa park+ par joy are Bhai petrol ka rate par double kamaai karne wale par gussa karo

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I'm facing the same issue. Raised the issue with park+, but no resolution provided.

Please let me know if you find a solution.

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