scammers hack WhatsApp account using OTP.

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scammers hack WhatsApp account using OTP.

WhatsApp OTP scam is a very tricky affair were-in the scammers hack hack into your WhatsApp account using an OTP. The WhatsApp message could come in any form –either from an unknown number or from a friend. These scammers then pose as being in a sort of emergency situation, asking you for an OTP, that they have apparently sent to your number by mistake.

What should you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

If you get any such message, do not engage with the sender. The OTP is a crucial thing, so never share it with anyone, even if it comes via a number sent by your friend. Because, the moment you give the OTP, the hacker will gain access to your WhatsApp the full control of the same will go to the hacker. This access can be misused by the hacker who can then reach out to other people in your contact using the same tricks.

To protect your WhatsApp account you can also enable two-step verification to enhance the security of your account

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Some agency should start questioning Navika of TimesNow, we will get to know new tricks to hack WhatsApp and extract old chats smile